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                                          Wuxi Qiaosen Precision Mechanial Co., Ltd.

                                          Wuxi Qiaosen Precision Mechanial Co., Ltd. is a group company that integrates real estate development, financial investment, mold R & D and production, auto parts and components, non-standard equipment manufacturing and precision instrument manufacturing. The company has set up R & D center, New product development and other technical staff of 45 people, of whom 50% graduate level or above. In March 2016, based on the Group''s advantageous resources in capital, research and development, and technology, the Company invested 300 million yuan to set up Qiaosen Precision Mechanial Co., Ltd. Our company is a high-tech...


                                          COMMON PROBLEM

                                          • High-speed punch slider stroke and closing height

                                            Slider stroke: High-speed punch slider stroke refers to: punch in the case of no-load, the slider from top dead center to the bottom dead center by the distance. Gantry high-speed punch stroke size should be able to ensure the rough or semi-finished products into as well...

                                          • What is precision stamping and ordinary stamping

                                            Precision stamping and ordinary stamping are essentially different, precision stamping refers to a variety of materials punched out by precision punching press, the precision stamping itself has more than ordinary stamping...

                                          • High-speed precision press basic maintenance and repair

                                            A, oil system 1, whether the oil spill 2, the oil pressure is normal 3, tubing is aging or broken (should check the tubing once a month) 4, for cleaning...

                                          • Maintenance of high-speed punch auxiliary devices

                                            Maintenance of high-speed punch auxiliary devices mainly include: CNC indexing head, automatic tool change device, hydraulic pressure system maintenance and care...

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